What is Business Transformation?
Outcome-Based Solutions

We are intensely focussed on delivering business outcomes, regardless of technologies used. For Tresbu, Business Transformation simply is the use of digital technology to transform a business’s potential to enhance the customer experience and dramatically improve efficiency, agility, and decision-making.

How we add value to business transformation


Business transformation need not include long development cycles, huge project costs, or uncertainty about ROI. We continuously invest in platform development & tools aimed at compressing time to market and lowering costs.


The power of analytics and data visualization means there is virtually no decision that should be made without measurable insight and that insight can be weaponized as a competitive advantage for disruption.


Tresbu specializes in business transformation. We bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the table before thinking about technology. We then align innovation in Mobility, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics with the ultimate goal of creating next-level efficiency gains and disruptive business models.


Ready or not your, customers, partners, shareholders and employees are engaging with your brand’s digital footprint.

Ideation and

As an experienced team of entrepreneurs ourselves, we know very well the challenges associated with building a business while simultaneously creating market-ready solutions.

Want to kick around ideas for disruption in your industry?

Application Accelerators

Sometimes speed to market is the most important consideration in value creation. We have spent the past 5 years building frameworks for some of the most innovative solution platforms like IoT, Cloud Collaboration, Location Services, & Digital Media so you don’t have to. We call them accelerators because they help our clients compress development cycles and costs while speeding up time to market and time to value.

Field Automation and Support Services

Field Automation and Support Services


Trakeye is a solution framework with a powerful set of features to track assets & agents, monitor, resolve, and report issues, collaborate & share with field peers and support, capture analytics data, and deliver data rich-dashboards in a single console.

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Real-time Cloud Collaboration

Real-time Cloud Collaboration


Trespond is a single sign-on collaboration platform that eases multi-channel communication and productivity while enabling a hyper-connected enterprise that improves efficiency and features real-time contextual and predictive analytics.

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IoT Enablement Framework

IoT Enablement Framework


TresIoT is a solution framework that connects the unconnected – sensors, mobile devices, wearables, legacy devices & machines, etc., and enables interconnectivity, remote control management, bi-directional data transfer & management, analytics and more.

Anti-Counterfeiting Platform

Anti-Counterfeiting Platform


Trestify is a another cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution framework that is an anti-counterfeiting platform designed to protect brands from fraudulent reproduction (knock-offs) of their products. It uses multi-factor authentication and end-to-end analytics to ensure consumers purchase authentic products from brands while adding several social features to further enhance brand value.

Pre-built Application Frameworks

Pre-built Application Frameworks

Base Accelerators

One advantage of working with a team of passionate developers is that we have deep experience and knowledge of a strong database of open source, customizable and off-the-shelf accelerators that take the guesswork out of routine tasks and features that need not impede progressive design.

Innovation Development

Innovation Development

Tresbu Labs

We continuously invest in new platforms, frameworks and systems that have the potential for creating disruptive business value – well beyond the accelerators we have already brought to market. Ask us about what’s new at Tresbu Labs.

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Why Our Clients Use
Transformation Services

Innovate for Competitive Advantage

Improve The Customer Experience

Improve Efficiency & Agility

Improve Decision-Making

“Digital technology dramatically improves the economics and capabilities of every business. Using hardware, software, algorithms, and the internet, it’s 10-times cheaper and faster to engage customers, create offerings, harness partners, and operate your business. Digital natives like Amazon and Tesla and innovative giants like CaixaBank and General Electric (GE) embrace digital’s new rules of business. They create customer value with technology at the core. It’s your job as a digital business leader to apply the rules to engage, compete, and grow”
– Forrester Research

Success Stories

Mobile Enterprise Solutions


Enhanced Video Optimization Solution for Mobile Carrier

In a fast moving mobile technology environment where consumer expectations are high, our client was risking brand value, but didn’t have the team in house to build the solution.
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Cloud Based Solutions


Cloud-based GPU Management Platform

The GUI had a unified multi-tier dashboard – to view the resource (CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD) utilization – both collectively and individually of all the deployed hardware. It allowed …

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Mobile Enterprise Solutions & Cloud Solutions


Loan Provisioning
Cloud App

A web & mobile compatible application built on the salesforce platform, which can be integrated with third party applications from where e-commerce sellers can obtain instant loans.
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Employee Location & Monitoring Tracking


Field Sales/Service Agent

Mapping field assets with a detailed list of issues re-solved and enabling data for proactive and preventive maintenance in the context of the location and customer makes the field …
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Supply Chain Data Management


Supply Chain Data Management

King Faisal Research & Specialist Center had known and unknown supply chain inefficiencies and inaccuracies. They knew their costs were above industry benchmarks, but …
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Cross Platform Mobile App

The world’s largest independent ALM vendor sought to create a mobile application that combines both native and HTML5 to deliver access to clients’ Request Center catalogs and…
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We exist to harness the disruption in technology that challenges the status quo. Today, the customer is in the driver’s seat – and the available solutions have the potential to erase the gap between what customers want and what companies can provide.

Our job is to bring them together.


Tresbu leadership consists of a unique blend of technology product and services performers who have in common an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for solving business challenges in innovative and creative ways.